May 9, 2010


A new favorite local restaurant, tucked sadly (or happily, maybe) an hour away in McMinnville. Susan and I deserved a treat last night so we made the drive in time for cheese + Lillets in their charming new bar space and then a late bite at the counter. We had a not-Caesar made with chicories, duckling breast over rapini with tarbais beans and a scrambled goose egg with chives, bacon and morels freshly foraged from Mount Hood, their crevices black from burn. The proprietors Emily and Eric couldn't be nicer, have better taste or a more delightful mini-destination restaurant. I forgot my camera (and my glasses) last night so I am nicking some of Giovanna Parolari's photos from the Navarre-Westrey dinner there in March for now. Next time I will better document.

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ashley helvey at yahoo dot com said...

ahhh so cute, i have to go there... i think i may be coming on friday again... love all your posts as of late :)