Apr 22, 2009

"Will is Be Erotic??"

Kathleen Keogh (of Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner fame) put on a series of Wednesday morning performances this month (with coffee and tea provided!) in her lovely living room. I've always wanted to do living room performances! Very cool. I only became aware of this happening this week, so I made the tail end of the series this morning. Over the course of the hour-long largely (if not all?) improvisational performance today, Kathleen was sometimes joined by Noelle, interacted with the audience/the outside lawn/nearby Halsey street, climbed in May's (unlocked) car with her dress hanging out the door, wore a bandana over her face + aviators + a moustache + a poncho Stevie Nicks style + metallic fuschia stirrup tights + a prom dress. Afterwards, we all did a Pauline Oliveros scored improv together (you proud of me Matt?) and talked about performative intimacy... and Facebook. More on that first topic later, and in regards to the second (a topic I could discuss in great detail) - I recommend anyone interested at all in this topic to read Clive Thompson's article "I'm So Totally, Digitally Close to You"from September 5, 2008's New York Times Sunday Magazine. I did not document Kathleen's performance today, but May did a good job of it last week on her great blog a la claire fontaine:


"I'm thinking about Technology / Privacy / Identity / Illusion / Anonymity / Transparency / Authenticity / Image / Intimacy / /"

-Kathleen Keogh

Apr 14, 2009


$560/month all utilities included

Apr 8, 2009



I bought a beautiful blue emu egg at the farmer's egg. Stay tuned for a very large omelette. Also pictured: Jacqueline, and beet/carrot/lemon/ginger juice from Sip - the mobile cart outside People's Coop.

Apr 4, 2009


After the Estonian Adventure, I will maybe be going to Copenhagen (definitely), Berlin, Stockholm, Riga or Helsinki. Or. Does anyone have any recommendations or friends or know of neat blogs with places to go in these cities? Tell me everything.