May 1, 2010


i was assembling a list of places to eat in portland for a friend last night and i laughed to myself because i never really go anywhere here unless people are visiting. first of all, i eat like a queen at work. and with ha + vl and evoe around, why go anywhere else?
and it's a good weekend to go to evoe if you can. michael, maggie, garland and i feasted upon asparagus soup garnished with duck ham (and secret foie!), mussels with lovage and cream, a cazuela of beet greens and salt-cured tuna (mojama) baked with a duck egg, octopus provencal on toast (with frisee and olives), charcuterie, and lamb meat balls with a sherry tomato sauce. and no, we could not finish, nor did we have room for that spatchcocked quail. good thing there's always tomorrow.

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g. said...

just took a photo of the same flowers but dead... still the beautiful fade always gets me. went for your menu, but new one. had a nice time with china and nate. loved the octopus and learned too late that chicken liver mouse resides on the charcuterie plate. (surprise). next time.