Jan 3, 2009

psychedelic eskimo

My computer screen exploded into a frozen collection of rainbow mountains and lines during the arctic blast, and it has been several weeks of strange such luck. After all, snowed in for two weeks? My mother's christmas present disappeared, as did a hummingbird nest i found on a walk and an old black and white picture i had on my fridge of a lovely outdoor picnic that i had wanted to use for The Estonian Adventure, my elderly neighbor forcibly gifted my a floral loveseat, my phone broke, we found ourselves dancing to a Bar Mitzvah Band as '08 switched to '09, time and space and money have morphed unrecognizably. In reaction, i want to be cocooned again in snow, like Lara in Doctor Zhivago (which is so great in the last twenty minutes that the excruciating length is maybe almost worth it), or in Yves Saint Laurent's '60s knit wedding dress, which we saw at SFMOMA on New Year's Eve.