Feb 3, 2009

RIP Sane World

Domino Magazine has gone under. While this is not a travesty for all humankind, I do find it greatly unfortunate - personally, since it was perhaps my favorite publication outside of the Times, and for the larger indicative state of our creative affairs. Yes, it was just an interior design magazine, but unlike all the numerous other publications in that category, Domino was accessible, democratic and aesthetically forward. Yes, most of the homes they profiled were of people of some means or celebrity, but not so much in the Ralph Lauren's 50th Austere Beach House kind of way. Yes, it was aspirational, but they consistently highlighted actually affordable products, actually helpful green products, and actually interesting homes and lifestyle from people both under 40 and below the top tax bracket - that made it also within reach. From their website, "WE STARTED WITH A REAL IDEA—THAT STYLE IS FOR EVERYONE—AND TRIED TO CARRY IT OUT WITH STORIES THAT PROVIDE INSPIRATION AND EMPOWER YOU TO ACT ON IT. FROM YOUR TREMENDOUS RESPONSE, WE KNOW THAT WE WERE ONTO SOMETHING. IN THIS TOUGH ECONOMY, HOWEVER, WE SIMPLY WEREN'T ABLE TO GET THE ADVERTISING SUPPORT WE NEEDED." Shame on you Clear Channel, and/or Conde Nast, and/or the Dow Jones, and I don't know... Whomever. Fuck the buyers and advertisers of Playboy, US Weekly, O, Soap Digest and any of the other revolting publications still breathing. I for one, am doing my part to put my money where my mouth is, and buy The NY Times, The New Yorker, Gastronomica and other worthwhile literary bastions before the publishing world completely implodes. Jesus, I even bought Vogue this month. Sigh.

Here is a picture from the October issue of Domino, to send her off gracefully:

See?? RIP Domino, may be you be reincarnated shortly.

Also, since I'm feeling so pumped: To the zealous traffic man that game me a $70 ticket for parking in a spot unclearly illegal during the strange time zone of 4-6 pm, I hope you feel the wrath of my karma. This is a recession. I am a DAY waitress. You know what people cut out in a recession? Lunch. I'll see you in court.

To Steve Jobs: Your products are incredibly inadequate. I sincerely hope that by the time I need to buy a new computer (which seems to not be too far off, by the rate we are going), your competitors have swallowed their techie pride and released a sexy model or two that will satisfy my aesthetically concerned heart and be compatible with "art world" software. Because your products are not durable, your staff is not helpful, and I'm sick of your prices.

To everyone who still has money but isn't spending it: You don't get it, do you? It's economics! You must spend! If things really go sour, your money won't be worth a thing anyway!

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