Feb 2, 2009


I have had several inquiries into the identities of the Cheetah Lady and the Jealous Woman, the video stars of my last post. Although I do like a good YouTube search fest, (actually I am so enamored of Youtube that I would dub it the most brilliant and useful addition to the internet of the last five years - waaaay more durable and versatile than social networking, albeit less good for gossip), I spend very little time finding fun videos because of the vortex known as time suckage. These two were found for me, and are actually not merely random loonies of the world wide web, but persons only one step removed from my social sphere. Jealous Woman nee Emma Craig (YouTube ID: ejcraig) lives in Vallejo, California, attended the Oxbow School with friends of mine in Napa where she made a really killer stop motion film about socks running away, and discovered the best Mexican food truck I think I've ever eaten at. She has an assortment of other ridiculous films worth checking out. The Cheetah Lady (cheetahwoman16) was disturbingly my brother's History of Performance teacher at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago last semester, a topic she clearly takes to her unhinged and brilliant heart. Sadly, she has no other films on the Tube, but cross your fingers! When Sam discovered the video it only had several views and 0 Comments - I gave the video it's first "Comment" and "Favorite," which somehow bolstered the video up the viewer ranks to have now been viewed 250,000 times with 1300 comments, like "FAKE!!! She's not a real cheetah. A cheetah would not have looked back just before it sat down. It would have done so instinctively," and "Would it be considered beastiality if I asked her out?"

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