Oct 24, 2010



Wyoming has been our favorite state so far, and as I am familiar with the midwest territories we are about to cross, I feel fairly safe in proclaiming it the crown jewel of the trip. Wyo is the least populated state and apparently notorious for its suicide rate (the intense winter weather may have something to do with that), but seemed like a beautiful place to me, Buffalo Bill and all. The people were down to earth and friendly, there was incredibly charm to the small towns we went through and very memorable architecture and signage. It is a shame that contemporary cities have bulldozed their old store fronts and replaced wooden signs and old neon with plastic - and it is great to see the genuine article versus retro replicas.

I had never heard of Big Horn National Park before seeing it on the map, but it was insanely good. As the national park's site says, "A landscape of sheer cliffs towering 1,000 feet above a ribbon of blue water. World class fishing and a place where wild horses still run free. A landscape overlaid with 10,000 years of human history. Bighorn Canyon, is truly a place where imagination meets reality!" Amazing. Sadly I was not really able to photographically capture the experience...

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