Dec 8, 2008

Send in the Clowns

Check out "Slava's Snowshow," currently playing in NYC starring veteran clown Slava, complete with participatory snowball fights and "Chariots of Fire" on the soundtrack. I never understood the fear of clowns so many people seem to have, I have always loved them, and I really like this image: the cardboard set quality (one of my favorite things), their costumes, facepaint. When I was a child we were all friends with Violet, the local clown. She came to my best friend's seventh birthday party. And stage clowns are just so physically talented, amazing to watch. Wish I could go see this festive production! It sounds so fun.
Erin, Jacqueline, Jack's parents and I attended a ballet production last week that had the most miniature dancers (aka six and seven year olds) dressed as darling Pierrots and Harlequins. They had the best costumes in the whole production, with little pom poms and eyes crossed with black lines for the little Pierrots and great shiny onesies for the Harlequins.

Some googling just revealed these Goldfrapp pictures from her last album, A&E, which despite how much I love her I have not heard because when it came out I was not listening to music and heard it was bad... 

Well, regardless, clearly Alison Goldfrapp always knows what I want before I do, and she's been on my brain because Nick and I have listened to Supernature the past two Sunday mornings at Navarre just to wake ourselves up. It works wonders. 
Miu Miu also killed it with this harlequin dress that I absolutely covet from last fall. On the runway and then on the street from The Sartorialist:

My parents are also on it, they have this Picasso print in their house:

When I took a Commedia Dell'Arte class in college I was the group's Columbina, by default, because there were only four of us and we needed a female love interest. I should have been Pierrot. Hmm, maybe I'm going to need to be a clown for Halloween. Or better yet, Purim Theme 2009, ready.

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Gary Lipp said...

I know you don't watch much TV, but there is a very funny commercial playing (I think for E-Trade) that features a baby in a high chair that talks.
In explaining his success in the market (as likely these days as talking babies)he hires a clown to entertain him. Worth paying attention to if you stumble accross it.