Dec 8, 2008


So four years after the creation of my first blog, which I deleted in May after almost two years of inactivity,  and which was on the now terminally out of fashion (!!) Myspace, I jump with only a little trepidation into the blogosphere again. Four years ago, you realize, it was not so common to have a blog, and posting felt both necessary and scandalous. Now it feels almost beside the point to do so, it's so ubiquitous, yet, well... At any rate, hello. 

I plan on using this site to write about and collect ideas for performance, that thing that somehow stimulates me most yet I often feel directionless and confused about. Me: I began appearing in plays at age seven, and over the years have been a part of many theater groups and projects in different capacities, including as an actor, a designer, a stage hand, a writer and a director, and I graduated from Lewis and Clark College ('07) as a theater major. Since graduating, I have worked with Hand2Mouth Theatre and served on the board at CoHo Productions, appeared in works by Linda K. Johnson and Seth Nehil, designed and sewn costumes at Lewis and Clark, and orchestrated one of my own pieces, 100 Acre, last summer in Laurelhurst Park. I have been writing plays, dreaming up productions, and am constantly full of ideas... However, I often feel unsure how to make those ideas come to life (or how/if I want them to). I believe theater and live performance are somewhat awkwardly expressing themselves in the contemporary world, and I find myself similarly somewhat awkwardly negotiating their place in my life, or my relationship to them. I hope posting ideas and finds in this format may prove to be interesting, both personally and to anyone who chooses to respond, as a way to explore these topics and highlight interesting work that is happening. 

I also plan on using this site to write about: what I would like to have for dinner, shoes, projects,  flowers, records, my friends and family, my job(s), the weather, dancing, typography, bird cages, butterflies, things I like, things that look neat, wine, art, fashion, collections, design, baby animals, nonsense, and glitter (mostly) among other things. Because it is all related you see!! After all, the Wagnerian in me believes above all that theater exists to be a synthesis of not only art and "culture," but all these things and notions we fill our lives with.

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