Feb 16, 2012


I am super exhausted with the internet these days. Too much email, too many sites to keep up on, too much information. I have felt unable to contribute in this forum as a result - like what to even say? And where to find the time? The past few months have felt very busy. Prune leaves me exhausted, as jobs tend to leave people, and I have been trying to pursue activities. I have been taking ceramics since October, just started weaving with Annie Larson, finally doing yoga here regularly without a fight and finding some time for fun. Lauren, Nialls and I are taking a wine test in April so we have started wine tasting/study nights. Last Sunday we were spoiled and drank Radikon and Occhipinti - two incredible natural Italian producers we love and Lauren and Nialls are lucky enough to have met. So it was a total treat to see - online! - and I imagine in print this Sunday in the first T-Magazine of the year (hooray) Arianna Occhipinti shot by the Selby.
What a nice little feature and a nice reminder that we've doing something right in this crazy NYC balance. Her Frappato is liable to ruin you for life, just a warning.


g. said...

I love the white!
You're the best emma lipp.

ashley said...

omg i loved this feature! EMMA!!! Ahh I miss you... your life in NYC sounds um like A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

bytifani said...

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