Jun 5, 2010


"We went camping in central Oregon this past weekend. The area was very beautiful and inspiring. Every time we leave town we always want to move to where ever it is that we just visited. We bought goat meat at the Madras Farmers Market along with strawberries, flowers for the campsite, radishes and fresh eggs that were mostly yolk. We made paella over the campfire the first night, egg sandwiches with brioche, cheese and egg in the pie irons over the fire. went swimming in the lake with the ducks, had leftover paella chicken sandwiches for lunch, went to town to thrift/antique/market, snacked on radishes and butter, made brisket, cabbage salad with my radish greens chopped up in it, and snap peas, and then the goat..." -G, last year, from an email

I'm not much of a camper, mostly because I am afraid of bears to the point of ridicule, but I think I could do this. I make homemade marshmellows and am good at gathering sticks. Who's in??????

(photo of me by Matt snacking on strawberries after the Tartu Farmer's Market last summer in Estonia.)

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