Oct 21, 2009

Publication Studio

Patricia No and Matthew Staedler opened a small publication studio in the basement of the Ace Hotel's event space The Cleaners that is open 6 am to noon to help you make and print custom books.

I have been wanting to make a small cookbook/project book for the Estonia Adventure. Winter break, Matt?

In celebration of their participation in the Amsterdam Biennale, the Publication Studio will be having a morning fete this Saturday, that I will attend if the winery does not call first.
From their website, http://www.publicationstudio.biz/:

Amsterdam Biennale Opening: Drunk by Noon
Saturday, October 24, 2009, 11 am
@ Publication Studio, SW 10th Avenue & Stark Street, Portland, Ore.

The Amsterdam Biennale, which includes a Portland Pavilion featuring 20 books collaboratively made with Portland artists and Publication Studio, will open with a three-city real-time party and massive co-writing collaboration, linking Portland, Amsterdam, and Beirut. The co-authored text, written by revelers in all three cities, will be typeset, printed, and bound by Publication Studio as the party proceeds. Lots of Dutch gin, bitterballen, and koffie verkleerd will be consumed. This event is free and open to the public.

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