Sep 28, 2009


You have an idea for a live show. No text, no pictures. Just an idea.

You need to learn how to express this idea.

Like an artist assembling a show in a gallery, you need to create single images, single objects in response to these ideas in your head. You can’t think about filling the whole room at once. It is important that you translate these thoughts into something physical – a sketch, a phrase, an installation, a game, an interaction, a piece of clothing. Make it simple.
Some of these single responses will work and some of them will not. You will develop a theme and variations. Maybe a narrative will unfold.

When you have enough images and objects you can start to fit it all together. Over time you can connect the dots. You work out a natural progression. The details. You can now imagine what kind of room these images and objects should go in, where they will be placed. Where should people stand to view them? How should they be illuminated? What is the dress code? What music will be playing? What snacks will be served?
Get to work. And don’t give up.

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