Aug 6, 2009

strange daze

First day back in Portland after 2 1/2 months. Feels bizarre. Many stories to regale with! Blogging is decidedly weird though - my brother was recently called by some LA person regarding the Cheetah Lady video since I mentioned him in my post and that video has "gone mad viral." I was planning on doing Hansel and Gretel this month but felt inhibited in some respect so decided to postpone and today I discover there will be a Hansel and Gretel performance called "The Crumb Trail" at TBA. Was it fate that decided there didn't need to be two?? The NYTimes has become $2 on weekdays and $6 on Sunday since I was gone. The weekly was only $1.25 last summer - that is a large jump. An encased dead butterfly and vintage Pepsi bottle "vase" are missing from my bedroom but the subletter apparently doesn't have a clue what could possibly have happened to them, plus, in attempt to clean, she rubbed all the surfaces with something sticky (albeit well-meaning).

Where shall we go from here?


nine said...

Come to Philadelphia.

mem said...
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mem said...

Yeah, philadelphia! that‘s great!